Let Things be

The early signs of sun fading away and the rays falling on the wind shield.  My emotions and thoughts were overtaking the reality lane. I had seen numerous incidents happen in recent past, and it has been a long time that my thoughts have turned into words. I knew I had to write something to […]

ɥ ʇ I ʍ

Shadow of us was getting darker with the fading light from the old kerosene lamp hanging on the wall. She stared at the clock – it was 1:59; I wondered where on earth she has to go at this time. My fingers were running through her hair as she saw herself in the mirror. We both smiled […]

Seeing Myself

(This is my sixth post. Rather than writing an imaginary story, I decided to pen down an experience.) The memories started pouring about days when I was losing myself, I was stuck walking down the aisle finding myself in those empty seats of life. I was fed up with routine work that no longer had […]

Overdose Suicide

I wanna know who you were meeting in the cemetery! I don’t have to tell you anything…….. Starting the combustion with Robert Bartleh’s “what?” … The bass and treble clefs rushed through the rubber penetrating his ears intensifying the aura. Imagining himself as Pedrosa showcasing high speed braking and cornering, he was twisting the throttle to the extreme. It was […]

Snake Bite

The inner string playing continuously, the dose of morphine felt like a venomous toxin entering in his vein. Reluctant to sleep any further, he woke up and started walking towards the woods. Immersed in the feeling that he has visited this place many times before, he walked bare foot and entered the sea of trees. […]

Preface of me and Foreword of myself

Continuation of previous post – reply to my email:- From: Yourself Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2015 9:00 PM To: Overdose Cc: Subject: Re:Mind imagines what it wants, Fingers write what it feelsAfter a hectic week of being taxed both professionally and on the personal front, I stepped out of office to see the fleet of vehicles […]

Fluctuating Candle Light

Crushes are like passing clouds there is so much emotions hiding among the grey. The more we hide our feelings for someone the more we fall for them. I was lucky enough to stand below a drizzle as well.Sailing in the storm of life battling against the tide, wind blowing towards the shore, Feel the […]

Illusion of an Unethical Mind

Beyond imagination there exists a world, bounded by unintended boundaries, where dream stands on the other side of reality. Even the Flame freezes while it burns. upon gazing across the sea of clouds is a new world filled with garden of salvation. Battle continues with the wind when the bird flies in the sky, flapping its wings; Sorrow of getting […]